Q. Do we have to provide EmailGrades with our Email Server log files or customer data?

A. No. We measure the health of ESP traffic via external observations -- millions of mailboxes that ESPs send traffic to. Our customers value this simplicity because they don't need to integrate their platform and ours. 


Q. How does EmailGrades Protect our privacy?

A. We receive a data feed that deliberately omits personally identifiable information (PII). Our aggregated metrics do not contain mailbox-level or personal details about individuals. Our reports measure and track overall ESP health, and since we don't require details about individual recipients to achieve this, we thus eliminate the possibility of PII leakage by structuring our data feed to omit PII altogether.


Q. Can we add EmailGrades metrics to our Executive and Operational Dashboards?

A. Yes. Contact us to learn how we can provide you with the data behind the inbox rate and read rate charts in our reports.


Q. Do you share our Inbox Placement Rate or Read Rate with other ESPs?

A. No. We protect your privacy, just as we protect the privacy of other ESPs. Since it's very helpful to know how your performance compares to other ESPs, we provide comparisons with the maximum, average, and minimum of a cohort of other similar ESPs. Your specific metrics are blended with others to calculate and chart these maximum, average and minimum values.