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How we work

Custom Reports for ESPs and Institutional Investors

Our custom monthly reports inform our clients' strategic business and technical decisions. Our clients include:

  • MailChimp
  • Mailjet
  • MailChannels
  • Oracle / Dyn
  • Guidepoint
  • GLG


Email Industry Guidance and Consulting

Through partnerships with Guidepoint and GLG, we provide expert consulting and advisory services to institutional investors and business leaders who seek a deeper understanding of the SaaS email opportunity, competitive landscape, and regulatory constraints. 


Strategic Partnerships

Our insights are derived from a custom curated data set supplied by eDataSource. Their data represents deliverability and engagement measurements from over a billion commercial emails received each month by a panel of over two million mailboxes at four leading consumer mailbox providers: Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook and AOL.



“EmailGrades enabled us to solve deliverability challenges by arming us with facts for data-driven discussions.”

Satisfied EmailGrades Client  |  August 2017