Paul Kincaid-Smith


Paul Kincaid-Smith is an email industry insider and expert. Paul's decades-long career in email and Internet messaging offers rare depth and breadth of technical, operational, business and industry insight.  Paul has developed x-ray vision! From the outside, he can tell whether email was delivered to the inbox or spam folder, and whether email was read or ignored. To put his x-ray vision to good use, Paul founded EmailGrades, a benchmark service for email service providers (ESPs) and institutional investors. SaaS email providers use EmailGrades to monitor their performance at ISPs like Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook and AOL. Investors tap Paul to accelerate their understanding of email market opportunities, trends, competitive landscape, and regulatory challenges. Prior to founding EmailGrades, Paul served as Vice-President of Email Delivery and Industry Relations at SendGrid, a leading SaaS email provider (NYSE:SEND). He also served on the Board of Directors of an email industry working group, He has a patent for outbound spam filtering, earned a bachelor degree in computer science, a masters in political economy, and is an alumni of Seth Godin’s altMBA program. Paul lives in Denver, Colorado and enjoys the great outdoors with his wife and children.